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Offering insurance protection for motor vehicle owners from the risk of loss caused by an accident, fire, explosion, theft, criminal/illegal act, as well as third party liability.

Risk Cover
Motor vehicle insurance cover loss or damage to motor vehicle, there are two common types of motor vehicle insurance :
Covers any loss or damage in respect of property damage include partial loss
Total loss only
Covers any loss of motor vehicle due to theft or if cost of repair exceeds 75% of value at risk
Extended Coverage:
• Personal Accident for Passenger
• Personal Accident for Driver
• Passengers Legal Liability
• Strike Riot Civil Commotions
• Terorisme & Sabotage (Terms and Condition applied)
• Act of God / Natural Hazards (Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic Eruption, Flood and Storm)
Indemnity to the insured shall be deducted by its own retention and this insurance applies within the Indonesian territory only.
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