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Personal Accident Insurance is an insurance which gives benefit for death/permanent disablement and medical expenses for injury as a result of any sudden, unforeseen, and external accident.
All Risks covered, except :

Willful act of the policyholder (in case the policyholder is a juridical person, this means its trustee, its director or any other executive) or the insured
• Willful act of a person entitled to the benefits under this contract
While the insured is acting in the capacity of or under the direct orders of any branch of the armed forces, or police authorities
War, military action of foreign nations, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion, armed rebellion or other similar disturbance or riot
• Criminal act of the insured
• Suicide or attempt thereat by the insured
Accident while the insured is driving an automobile or a motorcycle without a current valid license or while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
• Brain disease, sickness or insanity of the insured
• Earthquake, volcanic eruption or tsunami
Medical or surgical treatment except where such treatment is necessary solely by injuries for which the company is liable
• Pregnancy, childbirth, premature birth miscarriage of the insured
• Accident while insured doing dangerous sport activities

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