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Insurance plan that provide reimbursement for the insured against unforeseen health care cost, medical and hospital expenses in time of and/or arising from illness.

Risk Cover

Inpatient Benefits
Maternity Benefits
• Room and Board
• Normal birth delivery with or without Aids
• Surgery
• Delivery by Sectio Caesaria
• Emergency treatment due to accidents
• Curettage
Outpatient Benefits
Glasses Benefits
• Consultant physician
• Eye examination
• Medicine cost
• Glasses frame
• Laboratory cost
• Glasses lens
Dental Benefits
• Dental Care
• Basics Dental Care
• Complex Dental Care

Procedure Claim

System Reimbursement
• Copy of membership card.
• Form claim.
• The original receipt from the hospital bill.
• Copy of the results of laboratory tests and diagnostic.
Claim documents must be submitted to the insurer within 30 days from the date of discharge from hospital.
System Providers
Indicates participant card to the hospital provider (according to the existing list of providers on the guidebook).
For participants inpatient hospital admission rates and pick the provider that does not exceed the price of the card room tercamtum of participants.
• The hospital provider will verify the data of participants in advance.
Coordination Of Benefit
• Form original claim.
Copy of receipt hospitals that have been certified by the insurance / companies that receive or from the hospital concerned.
• Details of costs for hospital treatment.
• Original receipt from the hospital.
Reimburse Of Death Benefit
• The original membership card.
• Complete original form claims.
• Letter of death from village / sub district / district.
• Letter of death from hospital.
• Letter of willed (except submitted to the company).

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