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Insurance protection against the sudden and unexpected loss and/or accidental physical loss or damage caused by.
Short-circuit, disruption, electrical overpressure.
Failure of operation of safety devices.
Structural defects, material defects or defects of assembly.
Fortuitous working accidents such as vibration, maladjustment.
Loosening of parts, abnormal stresses, fatigue, centrifugal force, excessive speed.
Defective or accidental lack of lubrication, seizure, water hammer or local overheating.
Falling, impact, collision or similar occurrences.
Obstruction or the entry of foreign bodies.
Subject to main exceptions:
• Which are commonly insured: Fire & allied perils.
• Which are uninsurable: Wear and tear.
When is it covered: Machines are covered whilst-
• Working or at rest.
Being dismantled moved or re-erected for the purpose of cleaning, inspection, repair or installation in another position within the situation.
Machines which can be insured: All Stationary equipment can be covered-
Electrical equipment: Including alternators and generators, motors, rectifiers, switchgear and transformers.
Mechanical plant: Including engines, turbines (steam, water & gas), blowers, compressors, pumps, machine tools, presses and refrigerators.
Process machinery in such industries as cold storage, engineering and metallurgical, paper/ pulp making, printing, rubber/ plastics and textiles.
Sum Insured: The sum insured has to represent the new replacement value of the machine including Customs Duty, freight and cost of erection & testing.
Possible extensions available:
• Third Party Liability.
• Owner's Surrounding Property.
• Additional Customs Duty.
• Express freight.
• Escalation.
• Air freight.

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