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News | Feb 19 2020
Insurance Education Literacy at SMAN 13 Bandung

Insurance Education Literacy at SMAN 13 Bandung Jl. Raya Cibeureum no. 52 Bandung

News | Jul 26 2018
Arthagraha General Insurance received 2 prestigious awards and scored a new history

Arthagraha General Insurance became the only one insurance company that won the Titanium Trophy award for general insurance companies with the title "Sangat Bagus" for 15 consecutive years and became

News | Jun 15 2017
Outstanding Achievements 10 Years In A Row

Of the 126 rated insurance companies, only 42 companies earned the "excellent" rating. Last year, there were four companies that maintained the "excellent" title for 10 years in a row.

News | May 12 2017
Garbage Recycle Training And Insurance Education To Sawo Cipete Utara Community, South Jakarta

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT. Danayasa Arthatama Tbk in the program to optimize the potential of garbage banks in the community needs to be strengthened capacity and skill of bank managers

News | May 04 2017
Glass Fusion Cooperation With Insurance, Glass Cracked Or Broken Can Be Under Coverage

JAKARTA -Glass Fusion in cooperation with Arta Graha General Insurance provides a special program of free insurance all risk for glass. This insurance covers all forms of damage either cracked or brok

News | Apr 17 2017
Education Insurance Losses By PT. ARTHAGRAHA GENERAL INSURANCE Together With DAAI TV

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News | Jan 22 2016
Insurance Education Activities To Highschool Student

Insurance Activity Education to high school students in Jakarta, January 22, 2016 as one manifestation of PT. Arthagraha General Insurance’s concern to the young generation of Indonesia.