Risk Cover

Inpatient Benefits
  • Room and Board
  • Surgery
  • Emergency treatment due to accidents
Outpatient Benefits
  • Consultant physician
  • Medicine cost
  • Laboratory cost
Dental Benefits
  • Dental Care
  • Basics Dental Care
  • Complex Dental Care
Maternity Benefits
  • Normal birth delivery with or without Aids
  • Delivery by Sectio Caesaria
  • Curettage
Glasses Benefits
  • Eye examination
  • Glasses frame
  • Glasses lens

Procedure Claim

System Reimbursement
  • Copy of membership card
  • Form claim
  • The original receipt from the hospital bill
  • Copy of the results of laboratory tests and diagnostic
  • Claim documents must be submitted to the insurer within 30 days from the date of discharge from hospital
System Providers
  • Indicates participant card to the hospital provider (according to the existing list of providers on the guidebook)
  • For participants inpatient hospital admission rates and pick the provider that does not exceed the price of the card room tercamtum of participants
  • The hospital provider will verify the data of participants in advance
Coordination Of Benefit
  • Form original claim.
  • Copy of receipt hospitals that have been certified by the insurance / companies that receive or from the hospital concerned
  • Details of costs for hospital treatment
  • Original receipt from the hospital
Reimburse Of Death Benefit
  • The original membership card
  • Complete original form claims
  • Letter of death from village / sub district / district
  • Letter of death from hospital
  • Letter of willed (except submitted to the company)