Terms of "MediCare-Group" Membership are:
  • Minimum number of employees : 50 persons
  • Age of participants : 18 years old - 55 years old
  • Age of Children : Maximum 17 years still student status, not yet work and single
Claim Procedure with the system
Hospital providers and clinics in the Territory of Indonesia
  • With "SWIPE CARD" and "SHOW CARD"
  • Supported with "ALARM CENTER" 24 hours a day and 365 days a year
  • Will be handled by a good "Claim Analyst" to analyze suitable claims condition of the policy which is the right of the participant


Inpatient care facility

Inpatient and Surgical Benefits

  • Room and Stay Fee
  • Intensive Care Unit Cost (ICU) / Semi ICU
  • The cost of various medical treatments during hospitalization at the hospital
  • Cost of Surgery with or Without Inpatient
  • Doctor's Visit during Inpatient at the Hospital
  • Ambulance Fee
  • Hospital Administration Fee
Outpatient care facility

Outpatient Care Facility

  • Consultation of General Practitioners
  • Consultation Specialist
  • Drug Fees
  • Diagnostic Check Cost
  • Cost of Physiotherapy

The Benefits Of Childbirth

  • Normal Delivery with or Without Tool
  • Delivery with C-section
  • Curettage

Dental Benefits

  • Dental Prevention Treatment
  • Basic Dental Care
  • Complex Dental Care

Benefits of Glasses

  • Eyeglasses