Glass Fusion Cooperation With Insurance, Glass Cracked Or Broken Can Be Under Coverage

JAKARTA -Glass Fusion in cooperation with Arta Graha General Insurance provides a special program of free insurance all risk for glass. This insurance covers all forms of damage either cracked or broken caused by crime and natural disasters. "Generally it’s only for the new vehicle or already above 7 years and the coverage of damage is 75% . For this case we give for free to customer who buy a full package," said Jonathan Susanto, General Manager of V-Kool Flagship Outlet.

The premium given are also attractive, the official premium of IDR 400.000,- for two years and for all types of cars with no age limit. Glass Fusion also provides discounts up to IDR 700.000,- for treatment package and 0% installment for BCA and Mandiri bank customers. "Treatment starts from Rp 500 thousand to 2 million, including restoration and cleaning services of stains from water and fungus stains with a 2-year warranty when the glass is opaque, yellowing and peeling," Jonathan added. With a requirement that Glass Fusion users must wash the car with a neutral ph and do not contain ammonia per 2 weeks. Eliminate stains that stick with nylon puff and water while lightly rubbing the glass surface once a month.

Glass Fusion itself is a treatment that makes the glass surface becomes really smooth that water and dirt is not easy to stick. Rain water will automatically 'slipped' from the glass so that the view can be more clearly. Meanwhile, the opportunity to appear in this IIMS 2017 is a special event for Glass Fusion. Because this is the first time Glass Fusion appear independently by occupying its own booth. Usually, it's always in the V-Kool booth.